“Human ways are often unfathomable.  But, in time, one learns to deal with them.”

“If one has an exceedingly strong constitution.”

“The War Prayer” is an episode about tolerance.  A lot of season one is about tolerance, actually, but this is an entire episode devoted to it.  There’s a joke to be made somewhere about this being a blog devoted to tolerance of unique fashion choices but it’s not, not really.  “The War Prayer” includes such sartorial highlights as wearing bathrobes to fancy dinner, potholders as floor-length vest inspiration, and incredibly attractive suits worn by unattractively racist men.  Oh, and a truly wondrous sweater that has to be seen to believed.

Why, yes.  It is new.  Thanks for noticing.

Delenn breaks out a different set of robes for the occasion of her friend, the poet Shaal Mayan, coming onboard.  We typically see Delenn in some variant of lavender (except for the dress robes), so it’s nice to see her jumping on the bandwagon of “let’s see how well we can blend into the walls.”

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"What do you want, you moon-faced assassin of joy?"

This is an episode about Londo’s relationship with an exotic dancer, with a side order of Garibaldi being annoyingly all up in Susan’s business.  (I should mention that I wrote the second half of this at 1:00 in the morning with “Rumour Has It” on repeat so if it goes off the rails, that’s why)

We start out, like you do, at a strip joint.  The level of clothing removal is never really specified, but the girls are barefoot and dancing to music that someone in 1993 thought would be considered sexually suggestive in 2258 (so, mostly synthesizers with a few smooth sound effects).  Also the waitresses wear things like this:

Bedazzlers will be back in style circa 2258.

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